Where Do I Live?

Where Do I Live?

This is a wonderful introduction to geography!

I loved reading this one with my kids when they were younger. The book begins in a child's bedroom and expands from there, making geography relatable for children.

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About the Book

Children will gain a whole new understanding of the world we live in with this fun, first-look at geography. This engaing picture book is like a mini virtual globe for kids! Starting in their bedrooms, children will travel outside for a look around the streets of their neighborhood. Then, they’ll zoom out for a bird’s eye view of their town, city, suburb, and countryside. They’ll move out even further for a view of the states, the country, and the different continents. The next stop is space, for an exciting look at our solar sysem and universe! From there, they’ll trace their way home again. A fun mini quiz in the back lets kids show off what they’ve learned about where they live.

Series: Geography Picture Books
Publisher: B.E.S.
Publication Year: 1995
ASIN: 0812092414
ISBN: 9780812092417
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