Rachel Carson and Her Book That Changed the World

Rachel Carson and Her Book That Changed the World

Learn about environmentalist and scientist, Rachel Carson, with this title

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About the Book

A biography of the pioneering scientist and environmentalist, Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring.
“Once you are aware of the wonder and beauty of earth, you will want to learn about it,” wrote Rachel Carson.
Determined and curious even as a child, Rachel Carson’s fascination with the natural world led her to study biology, and pursue a career in science at a time when very few women worked in the field.
This lyrical, illustrated biography follows Carson’s journey—from a girl exploring the woods, to a woman working to help support her family during the Great Depression, to a journalist and pioneering researcher, investigating and exposing the harmful effects of pesticide overuse. 
Best known for writing Silent Spring, Rachel Carson was a major figure in the early environmental movement, and her work brought a greater understanding of the impact humans have on our planet.  Rachel Carson and Her Book That Changed the World offers a glimpse at the early life that shaped her interest in nature, and the way one person’s determination can inspire others to fight for real change.   
An author’s note delves into how Silent Spring helped shape the modern environmental movement and inspired a generation of readers to get involved in conservation. 
Detailed source notes and a list of recommended reading are included.
A National Sciencce Teachers Association Outstanding Science Trade Book
A Bank Street Best Children’s Book of the Year

Series: Biographies for Your Homeschool
Publisher: Holiday House
Publication Year: 2014
ASIN: 0823431932
ISBN: 0823431932
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