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Never Board Learning

Outside-the-box learning for outside-the-box kids.

Never Board Learning is a private online community for creative parents and educators who embrace play-based learning and gameschooling. This community is a wonderful way to add more educational games and interest-led learning to your homeschool routine.

Never Board Learning features a private community forum (not Facebook), monthly guest speakers, monthly live Q and As, monthly day-in-the-life family spotlights, and a monthly NBL Playbook (eBook) that is essentially a Lazy Unit Study for all ages and stages. Join Never Board Learning today and have more fun tomorrow! 

More Resources:


MLP offers several self-paced online courses that over 1k parents and educators have enjoyed. Topics include Lazy Unit Studies, Gameschooling 101, and How to Rock Your Daily Read-Aloud.


The Never Board Learning Community is a safe space for creative parents and educators to authentically connect, share ideas, and support each other as they raise their wildly and wonderfully unique children and teens.  


There are a variety of interest-based learning resources in our shop including Lazy Unit Studies, Play Packs, Mini Lazy Unit Studies, and more, with new resources added regularly!