You know the value of following your child's lead.

You want to embrace 

your child's interests

and have more fun...

... but you're worried.

You're constantly second-guessing yourself and wondering if you're doing enough.

You worry that you're missing something, or that you'll somehow fail your child.

And those end-of-the-year homeschool evaluations are looming.

You wish you could have fun and check off all of those homeschool "must-do" boxes.

Well, you can. There IS a better way.

Homeschooling doesn't have to feel hard or complicated.

You can embrace rabbit holes and surrender to delight-driven learning without the overwhelm.

I believe homeschooling can be *almost*
all fun and games.

You can follow your child's interests and check off those homeschool "must-dos" that weigh on your mind. 

This type of learning is so much fun and you can make it "count" for those year-end evaluations!

What Readers Are Saying


A few families have quirky kids, but none seem close to as quirky as mine. When I listen to you, I know that there are lots of other families out there like us, doing our school thing and thriving. I feel motivated to keep doing what I know is working best… Your site has certainly been immensely helpful to me all the way from wondering about giftedness to fully embracing our homeschool life.



Before I found your blog I felt alone. I felt like no one really took me seriously when I said that traditional homeschool curriculum or the curriculum that it seemed everyone used just didn’t work for my son… When I stumbled upon your blog I cried tears of joy. I had finally found someone who understands and not only that but I found someone who offered suggestions of what to use to homeschool gifted kids!



Before reading your blog, I was unaware of homeschoolers using games for school. Your blog has helped open my eyes to all the possibilities that games offer and the best part is the kids don’t even realize it’s ‘school’ and they’re having so much fun. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into a blog that has and continues to help so many of us homeschoolers!!


Imagine this...

Imagine waking up tomorrow with a smile on your face because you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are meeting your kiddo’s unique needs.

Imagine your child immersed in delight-driven learning and creative pursuits. 

Imagine connecting with your child over delicious books, incredible games, and a patchwork of creative resources.

Imagine a joy-filled homeschool.

Hi, there. I'm Cait.
And I wrote a book for you!

As a school psychologist and product of the public education system, homeschooling was never on my radar.

My husband and I planned to send our kids to school because that’s what people do.

Sometimes life throws you a curveball. Mine came in the form of a quirky, brilliant, asynchronous little boy: our oldest son.

The public school system failed our quirky, outside-of-the-box kiddo.

I knew in my gut that we could do it better.

And so we found ourselves suddenly, unexpectedly, homeschooling.

We have never looked back.

I found myself relying on my background in education and child development… but in an entirely new and unconventional way. 

And it was working.

We spend our days immersed in nature, chatting around board games, snuggling over incredible read-alouds, and exploring a patchwork of creative resources.

My children are thriving. Yours can, too! I wrote Lazy Unit Studies 101 for you, so that you can learn to embrace those rabbit holes and surrender to delight-driven learning without the overwhelm.

You can have a connected, joy-filled homeschool.

Lazy Unit Study 101: Learn to Embrace Those Rabbit Holes and Surrender to Delight-Driven Learning by Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley, MA/CAGS

Lazy Unit Study 101: More Joy, Less Overwhelm

Lazy Unit Study 101 will help you make the shift from worrying if you're doing enough to creating Lazy Unit Studies that promote curiosity and joyful, lifelong learning. With over 70 pages of step-by-step instructions, real-life examples, strategies for documenting the learning, and printable resources, Lazy Unit Study 101 can transform your homeschool atmosphere and routine. This approach in this course can work with all ages, but is best suited for preK-6th grade. 

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What Readers Are Saying


I love your game and book recommendations and you are so encouraging. I especially love how you make joy a priority in your home and how you make learning purposeful and fun. Thank you for all your help!



We are in our 3rd year of homeschooling and it has been magic because of all the resources that you share.



You write about giftedness and asynchronicity in a way that makes me feel seen.