Hello, Kindred Spirit!

I am going to make two book lists for you based on our chat today.

Right now, I am busy putting them together and making them pretty!

Once they are ready, I'll send them to your inbox.

Hello, Kindred Spirit!

Thank you so much for joining us today.

Looking for more resources? I've got you covered!

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Our favorite books and resources for homeschool parents:

The Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report that shows the "decline by nine":

The Rights of the Reader Poster:

Ten Read-Aloud Commandments by Mem Fox:

Finding your child's interests to help with book selection:

The best books for growing readers & by readers:

My favorite TED Talks on the power of reading:

Favorite articles on reading:

Resources for checking if books are appropriate for your kiddo:

Celebrate your next book:

My go-to resources for finding amazing books:

Check out the books we've been reading this year:

Start your own Coffee and Books Routine:

Podcast for Growing Readers:

Audiobooks, Podcasts, and Online Stories:

Want to take your read alouds to the next level?

I made a course for you!!


Check out my Lazy Unit Study 101 digital course. It features step-by-step video instructions, real-life examples, oodles of free and/or super-affordable resources, and plenty of printables to help make Lazy Unit Studies work for your unique family!