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We all know how powerful interest-based learning is when it comes to cognition and memory, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming! This course will give you the confidence and resources you need.

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Never Board Learning Community

One of the biggest challenges when first homeschooling is finding a community. In many instances, it can take years to find your homeschool crew.

Never Board Learning brings you the creative resources, inspiration, and genuine connection you need to cultivate an atmosphere of joyful curiosity, playfulness, and lifelong learning.

Featuring a vibrant community (not Facebook), monthly guest speakers, monthly day-in-life family spotlight events, and monthly Q and As. In addition, all members receive a monthly NBL Playbook (ebook) which is essentially a done-for-you Lazy Unit Study.

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The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

You're searching for authentic connection with someone who understands homeschooling in all its wonderful, messy, hilarious glory.

You want to chat real-life homeschooling with someone who gets you.

Since 2016, The Homeschool Sisters Podcast has been dedicated to supporting sisters across all walks of life.

We are here to cheer you and support you as you raise your wildly unique children and teens.

Founded in 2016, The Homeschool Sisters Podcast has well over 1.6 million downloads worldwide.

You've got this, sister!

Hi, I'm Cait

I'm a school psychologist, mom to three amazing kids, and unexpected homeschooler. 

One thing I've learned during 9+ (!!!) years of homeschooling outside-the-box kids is that learning doesn't need to look *anything* like the public school of your past.

If you're parenting wildly and wonderfully unique learners, I'd love to support you as you step outside of that ol' proverbial box.

(It's more fun out here, promise!)

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MLP offers several self-paced online courses that over 1k parents and educators have enjoyed. Topics include Lazy Unit Studies, Gameschooling 101, and How to Rock Your Daily Read-Aloud.


The Never Board Learning Community is a safe space for creative parents and educators to authentically connect, share ideas, and support each other as they raise their wildly and wonderfully unique children and teens.  


There are a variety of interest-based learning resources in our shop including Lazy Unit Studies, Play Packs, Mini Lazy Unit Studies, and more, with new resources added regularly!

What Readers Are Saying...


Thanks for all that you do.  Your posts keep me sane!



Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. Striking out on a traditional route can feel lonely and frightening, and it really helps to see others online who have pursued this educational option and to watch their children thrive. Thank you for all that you do for the community.



I often find myself reading many of your old posts because my kids are a little younger than yours, but your new posts have so much value for me too! You are a HUGE influence on our homeschool lives. Our homeschool would look way different and I think not be nearly so harmonious if it weren’t for your site. 



I found you because I am also an unexpected homeschooler and your ideas for gameschooling appealed to me. Even though my son is a lot older than your kids, a lot of your tips are useful because my son has some developmental delays. I also love your perspective as a former school psychologist. I never expected to homeschool and I am fascinated by all the former school personnel and spouses that I meet who are homeschooling.


When you join the My Little Poppies community, you will learn to embrace your child's unique learning style, explore creative resources, and play more.


Your posts inspired me to trust my instincts. We can let reading guide our learning, and realize that all knowledge is relevant, regardless of the number of pages.

Thanks again for all that you do to inspire us weary homeschoolers.



First of all, I want to say that I rarely open blog post emails. Even rarer is that I actually visit the article linked in the emails. But I find myself opening each and every one of yours and being excited to read your articles. Your education philosophy is beautiful and gives me much hope on my homeschool journey. 



I love getting your emails. It’s like chatting with a friend!! 


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