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You do not need an overflowing game closet to add more play to your homeschool day. Let me show you how!

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Gameschooling by Subject:

Gameschooling by Academic Subject:

My Little Poppies: Art & Music Games

Art & Music

The best games to supplement your art and music curriculum.

My Little Poppies: Gatway Games

Little Ones: Gateway Games

Kiss Candyland goodbye and say hello to these favorites for little ones!

My Little Poppies: Coding Games


Build early programming skills with these incredible games.

My Little Poppies: Logic Games


Your family will adore these fantastic logic games!

My Little Poppies: Geography Games


Travel the world without leaving your family room!

My Little Poppies: Math Games


These stealth math games are sure to be family favorites!

My Little Poppies: Harry Potter Games

Harry Potter

Yes, it counts. You're in charge, homeschool mama!

My Little Poppies: Nature Games


Your family will adore these beautiful nature games!

My Little Poppies: History Games


The best history games for your homeschool.

My Little Poppies: Science Games


Your little scientists will love these incredible games!

My Little Poppies: Language Arts Games

Language Arts

Practice reading, writing, and language arts and have a ball!

My Little Poppies: STEM Games


Your little engineers will have an absolute blast with these resources!

Gameschooling by Category:

My Little Poppies: Card Games

Card Games

Make memories with these family favorites!

My Little Poppies: One-Player Games

One-Player Games

Keep your child happily engaged and learning with these single-player games.

My Little Poppies: Cooperative Games

Cooperative Games

Teach teamwork with these top-rated cooperative games.

My Little Poppies: Party Games

Party Games

Your next gathering will be a blast with these favorites!

My Little Poppies: Funny Games

Funny Games

Warning: These games may induce raucous belly laughter!

My Little Poppies: Travel Games

Travel Games

Traveling with kids has never been easier! Just tuck these in your bag!

My Little Poppies: Movement Games

Movement Games

Get those kids up and moving with these fun favorites!

My Little Poppies: Waterproof Games

Waterproof Games

Toss these resources in your pool bag, or take them to the beach!

Gameschooling with My Little Poppies

Gameschooling by Age & Grade Level:



Grow little gameschoolers with these preschool resources!


Elementary School

Homeschooling *can* be almost all fun and games! Check out these resources for elementary school.


Tweens and Teens

Connect with your tween and teen with these fantastic educational resources.

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"I actually discovered your blog YEARS ago, when my oldest was a preschooler. Almost everything you post works like magic for my kids!"



I am a reluctant homeschooler that pulled my kids out of public school because they weren't getting the education I felt they deserved. Your blog posts really helped me in the early days of adjusting to homeschool life. My kids and I fell in love with you when you started the game school challenge in January of our first homeschooling year! You really helped guide me out of the 'school at home' mode!!! Who knew learning could be so much fun!?!



Before reading your blog, I was unaware of homeschoolers using games for school. Your blog has helped open my eyes to all the possibilities that games offer and the best part is the kids don’t even realize it’s ‘school’ and they’re having so much fun. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into a blog that has and continues to help so many of us homeschoolers!!


When you join the My Little Poppies community, you will learn to embrace your child's unique learning style, explore creative resources, and play more.


I doubt I would have thought to incorporate games on my own. In all honesty, I had to listen to both the gameschooling episodes of your podcast (more than once) and read many of your blog posts to wrap my head around how to make it work. I can master a heavy STEM curriculum quickly, but ask me to incorporate fun and my robot brain does not compute. Thanks for being a creative spark and inspiration to try something new! 



Thank you for sharing all your great games, ideas, and wisdom on the web! I can’t tell you how invaluable they have been to me!



I just love your emails. They’re so real and funny and relatable!