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Fuel Learning and Boost Connection through Play!

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Gameschooling can change the entire atmosphere of your homeschool! Today, I have three fantastic gameschool resources for you!

Free Gameschool Resources

I truly, wholeheartedly, believe that homeschooling can be almost all fun and games.

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Do you want to play more in your homeschool, but you don't know where to begin? I have three FREE gameschool resources for you!

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First: Gameschool Bingo!

You can read all about Gameschool Bingo in this post, but let's just say it's going to be lots of fun! 

I like this Gameschool Bingo because it's super flexible and can meet the gameschool needs of your unique family. There are no hard and fast rules, no timeline, no hashtags. 

One of the reasons why I created Gameschool Bingo was to give children more ownership over their play. They can choose daily and the sky is the limit! I hope your family loves it as much as we do!

Free Gameschool Resources
Free Gameschool Resources

Second: Gameschool 365!

I created 365 Days of Play for those of you who love a good monthly #GameschoolChallenge. With 365 Days of Play, you'll be happily overwhelmed with play prompts for an entire year of gameschooling! 

You can choose to use these play prompts in a way that works for unique family. Maybe you want to gameschool during the winter and take the summer off. Perhaps you want to do an every-other-month challenge, or maybe you want to gameschool 365 days a year. You do you, but whatever you do, have fun!

Yes, it's true! You now have 365 days of gameschool prompts at your fingertips! 

Gameschool Resources

Third: Gameschool Inventory & Gameschool Log

This Gameschool Log is a super-simple way to record your play. Fill in the date, list the games, and check off the academic subjects and cognitive and/or social skills you covered during your play. This log can be added to your homeschool portfolio!

Free Gameschool Resources My Little Poppies

Do you see the date there? It was just after Christmas. This was a day with zero plan and just look at all the academic subjects we covered! I let the kids choose and I played with them. The learning was just a bonus!

I've also included a Gameschool Inventory because, before you can play, you've got to know what you actually have in that game closet!

Q. Do I have to be a gameschooler to participate?

A. Nope! All you need is a deck of cards and the desire to play with your kids!

Q. What if I don’t have a lot of games?

A. Not to worry! All you need, truly, is a deck of cards and maybe some dice. That said, if you’d like to grow your game shelf a little bit, now is the best time to go gameschool thrift shopping. Why? Because of the Marie Kondo Craze. You can read more about gameschooling on a budget here.


Q. I would like to add a few games to our shelf for this challenge, but I don’t want to break the bank. Can you help?

A. Absolutely! You can read our recommendations for the best games for $15 and under here. We also have a list of best games for under $25 here. Plus, we have an entire budget gameschooling resource page.

Q. Do you have a list of the best games by academic subject?

A. Yes! Check it out here.


Q. Do you have a list of the best games by age and grade level?

A. Yes! Check it out here.

Q. Do you have an Amazon page with gameschool recommendations?

A. Yes! You can check it out here.


Q. I am worried about those homeschool “must-dos”. How can I make the Gameschool Challenge work for us but still homeschool?

A. Great question! Sometimes, it can be great to shake up your homeschool now and again and play can change the entire atmosphere of your homeschool. Read more here.


Q. Is there any way to “count” this Gameschool Challenge as school for my year-end portfolio?

A. Yes, you can absolutely make this work! Read more here.


Q. What if my kids are reluctant to play with me?

A. This is a common question. I’ve got a secret strategy for you here.


Q. My kids are little. Can we still join?

A. Of course! Check out our tips for growing gameschoolers and the best games for little ones here.

Q. Help! I love to play, but I have a toddler and the toddler wreaks havoc on our play.

A. Hugs! You are not alone! You are in a tough season and it will get better! Here are some tips for amusing toddlers while you play and here are tips for playing with a toddler underfoot.


Q. I have a large family. Do you have any gameschooling tips for us?

A. Yes! You can read more about gameschooling with a large family here.


Q. I have a kiddo who doesn’t love competition. Help!

A. Some children do not like competition. I have a kid like this, too! Cooperative games can help your child to build confidence while gameschooling!

Q. I have a super-competitive kid and her intensity puts a damper on our play. Help!

A. You are not alone. I have one of those kiddos, too. Do you know what helped? Cooperative games! They are great for competitive *and* non-competitive kids!

Q. Cait, my kids fight all the time. What do I do?

A. Keep your eye on the prize, my friend. They are learning even when your gameschooling isn’t quite as you imagined. You might also want to try adding a cooperative game or two.


Q. Do I have to be a homeschooler to join the challenge?

A. Absolutely not! If you love to play with your kids, you are welcome. I don't care if you homeschool, afterschool, private school, hybrid school, public school- whatever! The more, the merrier!

Q. I don’t see my question listed here!

A. No worries! Check out our Gameschooling Page and if you don't see the answer to your question there, please contact me! I'd love to help! 

You don't need *all the games* to get started, I promise! Check out these free gameschool resources.

If you have a deck of cards and internet, you can download the free Bicycle How to Play app and find a gazillion games to play.

Here are some budget gameschool resources:

Budget Gameschooling: 

How to Build Your Game Closet

Tips and tricks for building that homeschool game collection without spending a ton!

Budget Gameschooling:

The Best Games for Under $15

The best games for $15 or less, organized by academic subject. Add more play to your homeschool today!

Budget Gameschooling:

The Best Games for Under $25

The best games for $25 or less, organized by academic subject. Add more play to your homeschool today!

Additional free gameschool resources:

Gameschooling: Learning Through Play

{Episode 11}

Cait is a game-master, Kara wants to be, but things keep getting in the way… like directions. So in today’s episode, Cait shares amazing ideas for adding more games to your days, for both learning and fun. The sisters talk favorite games old and new, games for certain subjects like science and math, why it’s OK to NOT love a game even if everyone else does, and the many, many lessons kids can learn from growing up playing. 

Join us as we roll the dice, spin the wheel, and share easy tips for incorporating more games into your homeschool- such a fun way to learn together!

Gameschooling by Subject

{Episode 54}

In this episode, the sisters dive into gameschooling by subject. This is Cait's forte, so Kara does the interviewing, while Cait fills us in on favorite games for each subject.

The sisters also chat about a few popular games, and how games can make all the difference during the holidays. (Games are so hygge!)

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