Don't be afraid to step outside of the box.

Traditional approaches don't always work for outside-the-box kids.

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You want a more connected, joy-filled homeschool, but your kiddo is differently wired.

You desperately want to meet your child's unique learning needs, but traditional approaches leave you both in tears.

There is a better way.

You don't need to recreate public school at home. You have the power to do things differently. 

My Little Poppies offers a wealth of resources for parents, homeschoolers, and parents of gifted/2e kiddos. 

Never Board Learning Community

Never Board Learning brings you the creative resources, inspiration, and genuine connection you need to cultivate an atmosphere of joyful curiosity, playfulness, and lifelong learning.

Featuring a vibrant community (not Facebook), monthly guest speakers, monthly day-in-life family spotlight events, and monthly Q and As. In addition, all members receive a monthly NBL Playbook (ebook) which is essentially a done-for-you Lazy Unit Study.

Join today and have more fun tomorrow!

The Homeschool Sisters Podcast

You're searching for authentic connection with someone who understands homeschooling in all its wonderful, messy, hilarious glory.

You want to chat real-life homeschooling with someone who gets you.

The Homeschool Sisters Podcast is dedicated to supporting sisters across all walks of life. 

Founded in 2016, The Homeschool Sisters Podcast has well over 1.6 million downloads worldwide.

You've got this, sister!

We're here to support you as you raise wonderfully and wildly unique children and teens.

Let's show them how to be joyful, curious, lifelong learners!

Hi, I'm Cait

I'm a school psychologist, mom to three amazing kids, and unexpected homeschooler. 

One thing I've learned during 9+ (!!!) years of homeschooling outside-the-box kids is that learning doesn't need to look *anything* like the public school of your past.

If you're parenting wildly and wonderfully unique learners, I'd love to support you as you step outside of that ol' proverbial box.

(It's more fun out here, promise!)

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Say goodbye to the public school of your past and grab our FREE Lazy Unit Studies Essentials today!

Imagine this...

Imagine waking up tomorrow with a smile on your face because you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are meeting your kiddo’s unique needs.

Imagine your child immersed in delight-driven learning and creative pursuits. 

Imagine connecting with your child over delicious books, incredible games, and a patchwork of creative resources.

Imagine a joy-filled homeschool.

Never Board Learning

Never Board Learning is a private online community for creative parents and educators who embrace play-based learning and gameschooling. This community is a wonderful way to add more educational games and interest-led learning to your homeschool routine.

Never Board Learning features a private community forum (not Facebook), monthly guest speakers, monthly live Q and As, monthly day-in-the-life family spotlights, and a monthly NBL Playbook (eBook) that is essentially a Lazy Unit Study for all ages and stages. Join Never Board Learning today and have more fun tomorrow!

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More Resources:


MLP offers several self-paced online courses that over 1k parents and educators have enjoyed. Topics include Lazy Unit Studies, Gameschooling 101, and How to Rock Your Daily Read-Aloud.


The Never Board Learning Community is a safe space for creative parents and educators to authentically connect, share ideas, and support each other as they raise their wildly and wonderfully unique children and teens.  


There are a variety of interest-based learning resources in our shop including Lazy Unit Studies, Play Packs, Mini Lazy Unit Studies, and more, with new resources added regularly!

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